Post-Remodel Inspections

Check the quality of work and protect your investment

Did You Just Have a Remodel?

Did you just remodel your bathroom? It may look just as you pictured it would, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to enjoy. Hire the certified home inspectors at New Hope Inspections, LLC for a post-remodeling inspection ASAP.

Our Monroe, GA-based inspectors have 45 years of residential construction experience.

We’ll make sure your new features and installations are up to the proper standards and safety requirements. You can count on us to spot any remodeling mistakes that could end up costing you in the long-run.

Don’t let a picturesque remodel fool you. Bring in our experts for a post-remodeling inspection to know for sure that your remodel was completed correctly.

Every Phase of Construction and Remodeling

From new floor tiles to new cabinets, our experts are trained to inspect a variety of features and systems at your home. We even offer yearly checkup inspections to ensure your remodeled home is holding up the way it should. Call us right away at 770-377-4540 to let our professionals check over your contractor’s work.

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