The siding of your home has a huge impact on the appearance of your home. Even an expensive type of siding can look bad if it is not cared for properly. Take wood siding for example. Out of all the different choices you have when it comes to siding, it is one of the more expensive types, but it does require a lot of attention from you as a homeowner to make sure that it stays in good shape.

Wood has many enemies in nature. There are wood destroying insects that will bore through it, there are woodpeckers trying to dig those insects out, water can cause rot or mold, and in a fire, it will go up in flames.

All these conditions will need to be prevented by you as a homeowner. Keeping your wood siding clean and quickly fixing any cracking that you notice can go a long way, but it also needs regular treatments to prevent bugs or water from damaging it. The wood should also be sprayed with a flame-retardant chemical to keep the risk of fire low.

While wood siding definitely is beautiful, it comes at a high price and high maintenance.

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