From the moment you turn your back on your child until they get themselves into a situation that is potentially dangerous could be as little as a few seconds. With a natural curiosity and a low field of vision, wall receptacles are bound to be intriguing to little ones. After seeing their parents stick contacts into the wall to power all kinds of appliances, they might be tempted to stick something in there themselves. While you would like to be able to always keep an eye on what your children do, taking some measures to protect them is a wise course of action.

Tamper resistant receptacles are very useful in preventing children from inserting anything into a wall receptacle. Inside one of these outlets is a spring loaded shutter that requires equal pressure on both sides to slide out of the way. For parents, this is the best option for your outlets. While plastic caps to cover the outlets are cheaper, a determined child can remove those, while tamper resistant outlets successfully block their attempts.