Moisture is one of the worst enemies of a homeowner. It is hard to notice when moisture is entering your home, but it can quickly cause trouble, such as rot, mold, insect infestation, and other problems.

Vapor barriers are one of the methods you can use to protect your home from moisture related problems. They can be made out of polyethylene, paper or foil, or it could be a type of paint.

If you are using a paint designed to work as a vapor barrier, you need to make sure that the paint covers the surface well. If there is any damage to the paint, it needs to be reapplied since it will not work well otherwise. If you are planning on painting an area, using this type of paint doesn’t cost much more than regular paint, so it is a cost effective solution.

Polyethylene is a thin plastic film that is usually installed over the framing and insulation. You need to be careful when installing this, since it easily rips, which would make it ineffective.